Elevate the Vertical Transportation
industry with Lift City Expo

Egypt Vision 2030 focuses on improving the life quality and living standard of the Egyptian citizen in various aspects of life through emphasizing the consolidation of justice principles and social integration, and the participation of all citizens in the political and social life.

The Vision also focuses on the governance of the State's institutions and society through the administrative reform, consolidating transparency, supporting monitoring and evaluation systems, and empowering local administrations.

All of these desired goals come within the framework of ensuring the peace and security of Egypt and promoting the Egyptian leadership regionally and internationally.

The investment climate in Egypt, specially in the past few years, witnessed many legislative and institutional reforms for the purpose of facilitating and simplifying procedures for investors, contributing to achieving positive results in the field of companies incorporation in terms of time, cost and number of procedures needed to carry on the activity. 

Egypt experienced a rise in net FDI inflows to USD 10 billion in FY2022/2023 Foreign investment from the Middle East , compared to USD 8.9 billion the previous year.

Egypt still one of the most investment destination in Africa. after Egypt’s USD35 billion deal with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to develop Ras el-Hikma

There are over $675 Billion Worth of active Construction projects in Egypt and mega projects in Egypt in the pipeline.

The gross domestic product (GDP) in current prices in Egypt was forecast to continuously increase between 2024 and 2029 by in total 192 billion U.S. dollars (+55.24 percent).

Egypt is the main gateway to a marketof over 1.6 billion people within a four-hour flight radius, including Africa’s growing consumer