Riyadh region is experiencing significant growth and investment, which is proceeding in accordance with well thought- out plans and programs. With the unwavering support of the wise leadership, as well as its advantages and potential for investment, Riyadh will become a major international investment hub.

Riyadh region is the economic powerhouse of Saudi Arabia and a leading hub in the Middle East. With large-scale transformation, industry growth and government initiatives across the region, Riyadh's competitive and unrivaled investment environment is creating a global brand that attracts talent, businesses, tourists, and is synonymous with prosperity and quality of life.

The region is seeing notable growth across key industries — from foundational sectors such as healthcare and education, to technology-enabled areas and renewable energy — due to its coordinated, efficient, responsive, competitive, and fiscally sound government. This growth is in large part supported by big and bold government initiatives which are facilitating transformation across the Kingdom.

Among these initiatives is the national regional headquarter (RHQ) program which has led to premier multinational organizations establishing a base of operations in Riyadh and transforming the region into a leading global destination.

With Riyadh contributing almost 50% of the Kingdom's non-oil GDP, sectors across the region are supporting the country's diversification endeavors and are full of investment potential. Home to over 3,587 factories, Riyadh's manufacturing sector is supporting this diversification and the Kingdom's growing production of key items within machinery and other equipment, and food products.